10 Fun Facts About Real Estate Sales To Help Agents Build Their Business

Dated: 05/29/2018

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It can be rough starting out with your real estate business, but you're not alone! If you are one of the many adventurous souls who have chosen to start a career in real estate and you are wanting to see yourself listed as one of the top real estate agents in your area, you may find the following 10 fun facts about real estate sales useful to you! 

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Why This is Important: 

Not all of your clients will want to communicate over the phone. 

When taking your buyer through the process of buying their new home, 

it is important to find what form of communication will work best for them. 

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Why This is Important: 

Many agents choose calling as their main means of lead generation.

However, calling is most effective if you can get someone to pick up the phone. 

Knowing the prime times to call will help you increase the number of connections you make 

with your leads and save you a lot of time that would've otherwise been spent leaving messages. 

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As with the time you are calling, you want to know when the best times are

to connect with your leads. Your time is valuable and it is important to schedule 

lead generation during optimum times to increase your rate of success. 

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Why This is Important:

It is important to remain in contact with your previous buyers and sellers.

With such a high percentage of people remaining in their same county when

they move, you want to make sure that your former clients become repeat clients. 

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Although neither of these numbers will make up the majority of your

business, they are not numbers you want to ignore. Make sure to maintain

relationships with your previous clients and don't be afraid to ask for referrals.

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Why This is Important:

Many agents will give up long before they make that 8th phone call.

Hang in there! You don't want to lose clients to someone who will make that 8th call.

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It is best to talk to leads when real estate is already on their minds.

Keep an eye on your web traffic. Don't let those leads slip away!

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If you don't currently offer video services, take the time to build a relationship 

with a photographer who will also do video for you. If you already offer video

make sure to advertise this, as it will increase the likelihood of a seller listing 

with you over another agent. Make sure to post your seller videos on YouTube!

Many people are discovering homes on YouTube and it is a valuable marketing resource


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Never stop learning! Even if you think already know the information, 

going through a training class can help remind you of things you may 

have forgotten and help put you in the mindset that will help you 

succeed. Additionally, being around like-minded people will help you

to be encouraged in your business and get insight on the challenges 

you may currently be facing in your real estate business.

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