Kingman Arizona Real Estate Market

Dated: 04/02/2015

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Kingman Arizona Real Estate Market

Sellers Market

   In the past Image titleyear the Kingman Real Estate Market has been more of a sellers market.  What this means for Kingman Real Estate is there is an abundance of potential purchasers however not as much inventory.  Prices have increased also about $35,000  since January 2013 with interest rates staying close to a solid 4.5% pending your credit rating.  This has created a quickly moving market for the Kingman area as a whole.  When homes are put on the market they are usually sold with in a couple months time (if not sooner) if they are priced at fair market value based on comparable properties that have sold in the area. 

 This is making our Kingman Real Estate Market consistently cyclical with new homes on and off the market fairly quickly.  This is a nice change for potential sellers here in Kingman as they may have the opportunity to get more of a return on their investment now in comparison to the Kingman Real Estate market in early 2013.  The price points at that time where low as there where many foreclosures and Short sales on the market bringing our price per square foot down and thus making it harder for sellers to get a decent net.   It is so nice to see the the economy here in Kingman recover from the previous years as we are seeing more sellers putting their homes on the market in Kingman and not an abundance of bank owned homes. 

This is great to see as people are moving to the area from many other cities and seeing the growth in a positive direction.  As a Kingman native this is an invigorating feeling.  More then The Kingman Real Estate Market is growing in the area as well, there has also been an increase in new business. Restaurants, stores, and entertainment are all blossoming in our quaint town welcoming visitors and new home owners. 

 The Kingman Real Estate market is also great for first time home buyers!  There are great loan programs and affordable housing options for people who are ready to invest and often pay the same, or even less then renting.  This also will allow the buyer in this market to build equity (the difference in how much the home is worth over how much you owe on it) rather then build someone else's!   Also, investing in the Kingman Real Estate Market will provide you savings on your taxes by deducting the interest paid on your mortgage. 

 Keeping these ideas in mind, right now is a great time in the Kingman Real Estate market!  Whether you are looking to buy or sell!  Sellers are looking at a higher return and for buyers, there are more 'move in ready' homes on the market to choose from at still affordable prices.   

I am a professional in the Kingman Real Estate industry and watch numbers on a daily basis as well as study market conditions.  Based the market patterns it is predicted this increase may continue in the following months. 

If you would like more information on the Kingman Real Estate market and what loan types may be a good fit for you or what your home may be worth, I am a full-time sales expert and would love to help in making your Real Estate needs a stress-free experience. 

Alexis Steel - 928-303-2199 

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