Homes With Acreage In Kingman

Dated: 03/27/2015

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Homes With Acreage In Kingman

Acreage in Kingman

There is quite a bit of lImage titleand in Kingman.  Most of the homes in Kingman that are listed with acreage are in the County.  These homes in Kingman are usually located in the North side of town.  This area is great for a ranch style of living from farm animals, horses, cattle, large garages, open floor plans, fruit trees and tons of space for gardens of plenty.  Homes in Kingman vary in many styles however, the open/ranch style floor plans are popular in this area.  There are also scenic mountain and city light views perfect for entertaining on those beautiful spring and summer nights with this style of homes in Kingman.

  In most other cities that surround us it can be a challenge to find homes with acreage with affordable taxes and monthly payments.  A home with acreage in Kingman provides comfortable access to stables, corrals and tack sheds, barns etc. on these parcels as there are no Covenants, restrictions, and or home owners associations governing these rural areas.  Homes in Kingmanwith acreage are also good for re-sale as there are not many to choose from on the market consistently and these parcels are always in high demand.  

Some of these homes in Kingman are also convenient as quite a bit of them are in close proximity to city amenities some only a  10- 15 minute commute.  This is a short trip to live the country life!  This makes it easy to have the space your family needs in a home in Kingman and still accommodate short trips to schools, shopping, and other life necessities.  Out of other areas of Kingman, homes North Stockton Hill would be my recommendation as Mohave County as a whole is the 5th largest county in the United States.  Kingman also takes the title of the County seat home to the Mohave County Court house.  This considered there are tons of options for areas and land here some of which can be a challenge to access.  

For more information on Homes in Kingmanwith acreage or Kingman Real Estate information I am always available and happy to answer any questions you may have to best assist in your home search. 

Alexis Steel - 928-303-2199

''The Queen Team'  for Kingman Real Estate!

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