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Dated: 08/19/2015

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Image titleHomes in Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu Real Estate

There are a total of 603 Active homes on the market in Lake Havasu City. Homes in Lake Havasu City are moving quickly with an average price point of around $240,000.  There are many great options on the market for move- in ready homes in Lake Havasu City.  There is also a great market for investment homes in Lake Havasu City as well. Owning an investment home in Lake Havasu City is a great option as in the Fall months here the population doubles allowing many options for people looking for a vacation rental while here visiting.  Owning a home in Lake Havasu City is great for people who enjoy boating, fishing and community functions of all kinds! There are a few different boat launches centrally located here and close to many who own a home in Lake Havasu! This city has tons of things to do such as boat races, live music and many places to go out and have a great time.   Homes in Lake Havasu City are also affordable with taxes! Many people are shocked to find that owning a home in Lake Havasu is a great vacation get a way or place for a full time residence.   

For more information on Owning a Home in Lake Havasu City call Alexis Steel. 

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