Calling All Renters

Dated: 08/21/2015

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Calling All Renters

Hey everyone,

    Havasu SunsetsThis week I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with a lot of great people, I spoke to many over the phone and the fact is in today's world is we just don't have the time or the "normal" schedules that we used to. Times have changed and work has changed as technology makes room for more and more avenues of business at all hours of the day or night in all expanses of the world.

     So when it comes to that time of day or night we all look forward to, that time to come home and rest, that time you enjoy most, where you make memories with your family and friends, hold parties and barbecues, watch movies, share stories, or just a place to rest your head at night, the bottom line is we ALL need a place to call HOME.

    So with this, the decision arrises of whether to BUY or RENT? This is a question most of us will likely face in our lives, whether buying a home makes more financial sense than renting a house?

According to they have a great calculator tool that can show you a visual display of just how beneficial buying a home can be as apposed to renting a house. In today's market we have a nearly all time low interest rate coming in the low 4% rate. If credit is a issue in your life right now that should be no reason to hold you up from investing in YOUR life and YOUR future. Problems are merely issues that haven't been solved YET. There are great credit tools out there to show a prioritized order of what you should do to get your credit back up as seamlessly and as quick as possible. Whether you plan to live in Lake Havasu long term or short term, the equity you are going to build in your home is going to far surpass all the equity you would NEVER have if you were to rent. When you reach that point in your life that you are ready to leave Lake Havasu City you can take that equity with you towards your next place. Whether you've built up a few thousand or a few hundred thousand, at least you're getting back some of what you payed into all those years. Take a look at the image below to show you the benefits of buying. 

Renting to Buying Calc.

Give me a call today, Nick Lang with The Queen Team @ Keller Williams Realty. Let me answer any questions you may have on buying, renting, today's markets or anything real estate related. 

The biggest thanks you can give me is a referal from your friends and family! I can get you MORE money for your home and sell it faster! Let me show you how!


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